About Me

With my storyboarding experience and background in fine art I have a passion for dramatic composition and storytelling within a frame.
I have been successfully self-employed as a full-time, professional fine art painter since 2001; over the last few years I have transitioned into digital art. I have recently been storyboarding live action shorts for Flix Digital and for members of Scary Cow, a San Francisco independent film cooperative. I am able to provide storyboard art that is consistent with their cinematic vision, often without requiring a shot list, and providing modifications and edits quickly when needed.
My largest project to date was a feature-length, live-action film for Paralux Productions in San Francisco. I worked directly from the script, developing boards that showed camera movement and character/actor directions with dialogue for the primary action/fight scenes.
I recently completed a certificate in digital animation at City College of San Francisco. I have extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop having creating many hundreds of framed storyboard shots and artwork. As a lifelong artist and avid gamer, I have always held a strong appreciation for cinema and storytelling through shot composition and visuals.

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